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38          1317g

38/50   1357g

50          1402g

50/60   1457g

60          1507g


Ultra Rim Brake

Available in the following sizes:

38, 38/50, 50, 50/60 60

  • Light, Aero Pro SL Rims
  • 27mm External
  • 19mm Internal
  • SP5 Fast Engage Straight Pull Hubs
  • Fast Engagement
  • Aerodynamic Wing Spokes

Wheelset Weights

38 – 1317g

38/50 – 1357g

50 – 1402g

50/60 – 1457g

60 – 1507g

Light, Aero Pro SL rims

Wide, aerodynamic rims mean faster speeds along with increased comfort and handling. 

In many ways the choice of rim is the most important part of the wheel.

Wide, aerodynamic rims mean faster speeds and increased comfort and handling. 

Our Aero Pro SL rims use an improved profile and wider internals in line with recent changes in tyre standards.

Lightweight rims accelerate faster and climb better than heavier models. Bike handling and agility is agility is also improved.

Aerodynamics & rolling resistance

Our Aero Pro SL rims are aero optimized for today’s wider tyres – increasing speed, comfort and handling.

Nowadays more and more people are choosing to ride wider tyres. 

Our Aero Pro SL rims are aero optimized for today’s wider tyres – increasing speed, comfort and handling.

Toroidal rim profiles smooth airflow in line with NACA principles for aerodynamics. 

Wider tyres mean lower rolling resistance as well as increased comfort. Our rim brake rims use a 19mm internal width in line with current ETRTO standards.  But that’s not all – wider rims mean an improved tyre/rim interface – better airflow from tyre to rim.

And that means they’re faster. 

Climbing & Acceleration

Lighter rims improve acceleration and climbing performance – they also improve the handling and overall agility of the bike

When it comes to saving weight on a set of wheels, the rims are the place to start

This is where you feel the greatest benefit in speed and handling due to the reduced rotational weight. Quite simply, lighter wheels spin up faster. Not only do lighter rims improve acceleration and climbing performance – they also improve the handling and overall agility of the bike.

SL rims are lighter than S level rims due to the higher proportion of T800 (T40) fibres 

And lighter rims bring your bike to life!

Tyre Information

Our rims are suitable for both tubeless tyres and clincher tyres with inner tubes 

Although they’re optimised for 25 and 28mm tyres you can happily go wider.

SP5 Fast Engage hubs

7.5 degree fast engage hubs for instant acceleration

Our SP5 Fast Engage straight pull hubs are smooth, light and responsive.
The 2:1 lacing pattern at the rear equalises tension and increases lateral stiffness

The 6 pawl freehub combined with a 48T ratchet ring provides a rapid engagement angle of just 7.5 degrees

And that means faster pick-up for climbing efforts, acceleration and sprints!

Aero bladed spokes

We use the excellent Pillar PSR X-TRA – a lightweight, triple butted, bladed spoke – reinforced for extra strength and durability right where it matters.


Aero Pro SL rims

  • 27mm external width for improved aerodynamics
  • 26mm at the brake track for good clearance
  • Wide 19mm internal width for improved tyre profiles
  • Rim brake-specific design
  • Toroidal profile for improved aerodynamic performance
  • Toray T700/T800 carbon fibre
  • Additional reinforcement at the spoke bed. 
  • High TG resin, optimised to produce extremely lightweight, low void carbon.
  • Attractive carbon weave finish.
  • Hooked bead lock design provides secure tyre fitment for peace of mind – even at lower pressures
  • Tubeless ready for improved puncture resistance and lower rolling resistance
  • Also suitable for clincher tyres and tubes
  • Suitable for tyres from 23mm to 50mm
  • Aerodynamically optimised for 25 and 28mm tyres

SP5 Fast Engage Hubs

  • Straight-pull 
  • Lightweight
  • 48T ratchet ring
  • 6 pawl freehub
  • 7.5 degree engagement
  • Shimano/SRAM and Sram XDR freehub options currently available.

Pillar PSR X-TRA Bladed Spokes

  • 4.7g each
  • Pillar PSR X-TRA 1422 triple butted bladed spokes
  • Bladed profile 2.2-2.2/0.95-2.0, then PSR section is 2.2
  • Pillar patented PSR reinforcement technology for increased strength and durability
  • High Strength T302 Swedish Stainless Steel (18/10)
  • Front – 20 spokes, radial lacing
  • Rear – 24 spokes – 2:1 triplet lacing (8:16)
  • Pillar DSN square head nipples
  • Pillar patented TG Lock self locking technology

What's included?


  • Fitted rim tape
  • Tubeless valves
  • Spare spokes

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 cm