A Bit About Us

Hi, I’m Lee and I build the wheels here at Zed.

We’re a small company – Me and the Mrs really – but we’ve come a long way in the last few years.

We recently made a bit of a minor splash in the cycling press when people picked up on the ultralight hill climb wheels we built for Calum Brown when he won the race up the steepest street in the world using wheels I’d built with ‘string’ spokes. They made their way into Cycling Weekly and a couple of GCN videos – Sir Dave Brailsford was even spied checking them out lol.

As far as I know we’re also the only company in the UK who builds with carbon spokes.

Basically, I love building wheels.

But don’t worry – I build ‘normal’ wheels too!

Whatever I build, you can be assured they’re built to the highest standards…


Getting Involved

Right from day one we’ve enjoyed supporting local events and riders.

Whether that’s been sponsoring races and riders or helping out at events with marshalling, signing on or driving the race car, we’ve been there.

We’ve backed world record events and charity rides. We’ve supported local riders, either individually or as full teams. Matt Taylor taking 6 wins in a row this summer was outstanding!

This year we’re pleased to have been able to sponsor two new development squads: The 14 rider strong RFDA Racescene Female Development Academy, and the Garden Shed UK – Scott – Verge Cyclocross Team.

They’ve both seen incredible results. A win in Flanders at the iconic Koppenberg from Oli Akers is a personal highlight. Abi Smith of RFDA going on to ride the junior world’s road race is another. All eligible members of the cross team representing GB in world cup events is another. I could go on, and on, an on. Most of all, I’m proud of the outstanding effort and dedication showed by all. 

And then there’s Calum Brown. Hill Climb Specialist Supreme. Calum has won more events and set more course records than I can count season. He’s been testing my ultra light string spoked wheels – rather successfully – winning every race he entered on them. It’s thanks to Calum they were featured in Cycling Weekly and on GCN…


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