About Us

About Us.

Hi, I’m Lee and I build the wheels here at Zed.

If you've never heard of us I can't say I'm surprised - we're a small company - just me and the Mrs really.

We don’t advertise much.

Until recently we’ve always been a local company building wheels for local racers and club riders.

Due to social media word seems to be spreading and we find ourselves building wheels for riders all over the world.

Building great wheels means choosing the best components available for the purpose - and building them with the care and attention you deserve, rather than churning them out in an environment where every minute counts and the bottom line is all that matters...


Instead of spending our time and money on marketing campaigns we’ve preferred to help out at local events - by sponsoring local events and teams, and supporting riders whenever we can. 

 Oh, and the odd world record attempt here and there...

We’ve been proud to sponsor the RFDA female development squad - it’s been great to see the hard work they’ve put in and the fun they’ve had.

There have been some great successes too - with Abi Smith going on to race in the Junior World Championship Road Race!

Abi also took her age category title in the National Hill Climb championships a couple of weeks ago.

Above all, it's been great to see the effort, and the heart that all of the girls have put into it - and the enjoyment they've got out of it too!

Zed RFDA Race Team

It’s also a pleasure to sponsor the Garden Shed UK - Scott - Verge cyclocross team.

This weekend it's the European Cyclocross Championships - Dan Barnes and Sophie Thackray will be riding for us in the male and female U23 categories - always great to see Zed riders in GB colours!

As a team there are just too many highlights to mention here so I’ll just pick my personal favourite - Oli Akers winning at the Koppenbergcross in Flanders last year - simply Iconic. 

Oli got his first National Title a couple of weeks ago when he won his age category in the National Hill Climb Championships - slight difference in disciplines!

The Garden Shed riders have seen their fair share of podiums - in UCI events and many more.

Katie Scott put in some great performances last year - both in Garden Shed UK team kit and  riding in GB colours. 

I doubt there are that many UK riders who have stood on a UCI podium in China!

She’s also the subject of my favourite CX pic  - look at that grin lol

We’ve also sponsored a couple of world record attempts - Pav Bryan (head of Spokes Performance Coaching and former writer for Bicycling magazine) took the world record for the Seven Summits in California on a set of our string wheels.

Injury prevented success in his attempt on the Route 66 world record but he tells me he’s going to have another crack at it 😉

And then there’s Harrison Dainty - riding up Mount Teide in Tenerife at 9 years old. In aid of Cystic Fibrosis. 

If you’ve ever been then you’ll know what a ride that must have been!

We've also sponsored Harrison in his racing - the highlight has got to be Tour of Assen in Belgium - a full week long stage race for kids!

There's a prologue, road stages, a cobbled stage and a time trial. The speed and the bike handling is just amazing.

Talking of mountains...

Did you know we build the lightest wheels in the world?

Hill Climbing is always something that’s been dear to my heart - I just love the extreme madness of it all!

Cowbells clanging, voices hoarse with cheering, the atmosphere is always amazing - with the slowest riders getting as much, if not more encouragement than the fastest! 

So we’re happy to sponsor the Lifting Gear Products - Cycles in Motion team. Although they race road, time trials etc. hill climbing is the speciality the riders all share.

Again, too many wins to mention but Calum Brown at Monsal is a highlight - what an atmosphere! 

And to top it all - we all had Monsal Pie afterwards...

That weekend we had 7 sponsored riders on the podiums at Monsal between RFDA and LGP - CIM - and 5 cyclocross podiums from the UK Garden Shed riders…

Cycling Weekly did a couple of articles on both Calum and his bike - paying particular attention to the string wheels he was riding.

At the same time it turned out GCN featured them in some of their videos - and Sir Dave Brailsford was seen checking them out at Bank Road!

And last but not least - Rebecca Richardson riding for Brother UK.

Rebecca is the current Welsh National Hill Climb champion - won 18 hill climbs in a row last year! You might have seen the feature Cycling Weekly did earlier in the year when they took a good look at her bike and the string wheels I built. 

She’s pretty handy at road racing too but Covid put a stop to that this year. Same for a lot of people I’m afraid. 

Our headline pic for the site is one of Rebecca after winning the first hill climb of this season - just after the first lockdown ended.

It's a great pic, taken by Anthony Wood - check out www.tonyrwoodphotography.com

He's takes great pics - not just of bike racing - I've got a Highland Cow calendar of his in the kitchen lol

Here's a couple of Rebecca...

So although you might not have heard of us...

We’ve been around a while, doing the things we do.

We’ve made some great friends - we’ve seen some great rides!

And I’d like to think we’ve helped out just a little bit along the way…

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