About Us.

Hi, I’m Lee and I build the wheels here at Zed.

We’re a small company – Me and the Mrs really – but we’ve come a long way in the last few years...

We recently made a bit of a minor splash in the cycling press when people picked up on the ultralight hill climb wheels we built for Calum Brown when he won the race up the steepest street in the world using wheels I’d built with ‘string’ spokes. 

They made their way into Cycling Weekly and a couple of GCN videos – Sir Dave Brailsford was even spied checking them out lol.

As far as I know we’re also the only company in the UK who builds with carbon spokes.

Basically, I love building wheels.

But don’t worry – I build ‘normal’ wheels too!

Whatever I build, you can be assured they’re built to the highest standards…