I'm  Lee

I build the wheels here at Zed.

Being such a small company - me and the Mrs really - you may not have heard of us but we've been around a while building a great reputation for quality and service.


Please bear in mind the website is a work in progress!

I'll keep adding more details every chance I get, in between building wheels etc!

There are lots of things that aren't listed in the shop yet so there's a quick overview of the types of wheels we have available listed below. 

If it's not in the menu or the shop yet, please just ask - there's a quick message form at the bottom of this page.

And if you already know that I've listed whatever you're looking for, you can just go straight to the shop by clicking on the button below. Sorry for the messing about - it will get better!



Road Wheels

Road wheels are available in sizes from 30mm right the way through to 90mm. Mixed depth combos are also available

Heavy Duty Road Wheels

We have heavy duty wheels available - designed to be tough.

CX Wheels

Most of our road wheels are suitable for cx use - feel free to send me a message if you’re not sure!

For serious cyclocross use though, tubular rims and tyres are best. Lighter weights, lower pressures, faster acceleration, less wasted energy, more grip. It’s the obvious choice if you’re after a set of cross specific wheels. 

We’re proud to sponsor the hugely successful UK Garden Shed - Scott team. Won’t be too long before they’re in action…


We have gravel specific models available suitable for fat tyres and rough roads. Yet still nice and light.

Hill Climb Wheels

There aren’t many people who make hill climb specific wheels - fewer still who do it well…

Instead of just one hill climb specific wheel set, we’ve got a full range - each designed to provide the lowest weight and best performance available anywhere for the money - if you’ve got the budget then we build the lightest wheels in the world - 690g for the pair! But we appreciate that not everyone has that sort of budget so there are other options too - starting from £949 for a pair weighing 935g!

Oh, and they’re not flimsy things either - they’re suitable for road use too…

Time Trial/Triathlon Wheels

The most popular combination here is the 60/90 - but it’s no problem to build a 90mm front.

Carbon Spoke Wheels

Our carbon spoke wheels are available in depths from 30mm to 60mm - and they’re considerably lighter than other hand built carbon spoke wheels too!

String Spoke Wheels

The lightest wheels in the world. We use Berd 'string' spokes to build wheels for hill climb, road, gravel, mtb - and just riding around on cos they’re so damn nice! They’re not just super light - the spokes reduce vibration massively making for a superbly comfortable ride.


 If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch!

Thanks, Lee