String wheels


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The lightest spokes in the world

200% better vibration damping than steel spokes

12 times the strength to weight ratio of steel

Available in Black or White


I've been building with string wheels for a few of years now - and I ride them myself (the road bike at the end is mine...)

What surprised me most wasn't the acceleration or handling - it was the comfort - the vibration damping is real!

Of course, they're not really 'string' as such - they're Berd Polylight spokes - made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) - which has the greatest strength to weight ratio of anything on the planet. Read More...

All of the wheels below can be upgraded with premium brand hubs from Carbon Ti and Extralite for even greater weight savings.

We are also able to offer tubular rims from AX Lightness for rim brake or disc brake.

These are the lightest in the world and have enabled us to build the lightest wheels in the world - 690g a pair for rim brake and 756g for disc brake. 

ZED are the only Berd Certified builders in the UK Read More...

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building with berd


Calum Brown after yet another hill climb win and course record.

Pav Bryan sets a new Seven Summits world record in California.

Pav's record breaking ZED string wheels - centerlock disc and tubeless ready.

Rebecca Richardson takes the win and course record at Longstone Edge - the first post-lockdown hill climb of 2020.

The Lightest Disc Brake Wheels in the World - 756g.

MY BIKE - AX Lightness Rims, Extralite  Hubs, Berd String Spokes

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