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Extra light rims and carbon hubs for exceptional acceleration and climbing.

Wheels are available in the following standard depths: 38mm, 50mm, 60mm and 90mm

Mixed depths are also available: 38/50, 50/60 and 60/90

The ULTRA CARBON series of wheels delivers unparalleled performance and weight for a sub £2000 wheel set.

Truly lightweight wheel sets are few and far between – the closest you’ll get to these is probably the Campagnolo Bora Ultra, generally retailing at around £2,500…

For this wheelset I chose an extra light set of rims, with a 27.5mm semi-toroidal profile to cut through the wind – not only for speed, but for handling purposes too. In fact they use the same rim moulds as the Elite model – it’s such a great rim profile. But I specced a higher grade carbon to be added to the layup. This saves a lot of weight whilst adding stiffness. Because it’s rotational weight you’re saving the difference in acceleration is something you can actually feel – they bring a bike to life!

Often people think that light weight means reduced strength – this simply isn’t the case when a higher grade of carbon is used. Basically the higher grade carbon is stronger. This means the fibres themselves are made thinner. Which means when they’re woven into sheets the sheets themselves are thinner and lighter. Of course, they’re tubeless ready and easy to set up. 

For 2019 I’ve upgraded the straight-pull hubs to a 2:1 ratio design. These add stiffness and durability over a standard design. I’ve had these made in the same factory as the Elite model. The big difference between the two is that these use a carbon fibre shell. Again, this saves a bit of weight and adds extra stiffness. They also look rather good….

They’re an exceptionally high specced wheel set, equally suited to race day use and sportive duties – or just a really nice set of wheels for your best bike!

Wheel Set Weights:

30: 1242g

38: 1330g

50: 1414g

60: 1517g

All others TBA once built…


The Standard Rider Weight Limit is 100kg for Rider and Bike

Heavy Duty Options are available:

HD (Heavy Duty) – Each model has a heavy duty equivalent – especially designed for heavier riders, heavier loads, or simply for when you know you’re going to be giving your wheels some serious hammer.

HD wheels use beefier hubs with stronger axles and bigger bearings, designed to stay running smoother for longer. Each HD model uses the same rim as its ‘standard’ version – but uses more spokes both front and rear to provide a higher load bearing capacity and to maintain lateral stiffness levels. I’m not aware of any other wheel builder who offers such a range.

Rim Depth

30, 38, 38/50, 50, 50/60, 60, 60/90

Standard or Heavy Duty

Standard, Heavy Duty


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