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The ULTRA CARBON DISC is our top of the range disc brake wheel set.

Please Note: stock is Thru Axle Only – Rear: 142 x 12, Front 100 x 12 

Please contact me if you need different axle sizes

For this wheelset I chose an extra light set of rims, with a 27.5mm semi-toroidal profile to cut through the wind – not only for speed, but for handling purposes too. In fact they use the same rim moulds as the Elite model – it’s such a great rim profile. But I specced a higher grade carbon to be added to the layup. This saves a lot of weight whilst adding stiffness. Because it’s rotational weight you’re saving the difference in acceleration is something you can actually feel – they bring a bike to life!

Often people think that light weight means reduced strength – this simply isn’t the case. Basically the higher grade carbon is stronger. This means the fibres themselves are made thinner. Which means when they’re woven into sheets the sheets themselves are thinner and lighter. Of course, they’re tubeless ready and easy to set up.

For 2020 I’ve upgraded the hubs on our carbon disc wheels. Things are changing rapidly in the bike world where wheels are concerned. More and more people are using disc brakes. Last winter I noticed just how many people were riding carbon disc wheels no matter how crappy the weather. Because the braking is so much better and the rims themselves aren’t getting worn by brake pads and road grit and grime they don’t need to go into hibernation for the winter like a pair of carbon rim brake wheels would.

The thing is the hubs that are usually used tend to have been specced with summer in mind. After all, A couple of years ago you wouldn’t see carbon wheels out in winter. So I’ve chosen something with extra durability in mind so they can be used all year long. For the Ultra DT I’ve picked a top of the range hub with big bearings and excellent sealing for a smooth ride and long life. And the freehub uses DT Swiss’s patented star ratchet design for fast engagement and a greater surface contact area than any pawl system. It sounds rather good too!

As a matter of interest they’re the same hubs I use for the cyclocross wheels ridden by our development team Garden Shed UK – Scott – Verge. They’ve been well tested at home and abroad in National Trophy and World Cup events alike, with plenty of wins, podiums, a yellow jersey! – and a win at the iconic Koppenberg Cross in Belgium! The point being, they’re built to take some hammer…

Please Note: stock is Thru Axle Only – Rear: 142 x 12, Front 100 x 12 

Please contact me if you need different axle sizes


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