Team Carbon CX Disc – Tubular – 1178g

Team Carbon CX Disc – Tubular – 1178g


Race proven ultra light 1178g cx wheels

As ridden by the hugely successful Garden Shed UK – Ribble – Verge Cyclocross Team



30 Deep, 30 Wide, Tubular



Our race proven Team Carbon CX Disc Tubular rims have been the chosen wheelset of the Garden Shed UK - Ribble - Verge for a number of years now. 

Tubular tyres are the obvious choice for CX if you value performance above all else.

They're significantly lighter than their tubeless counterparts and allow lower pressures for ultimate grip. And of course there is absolutely no chance of burping.

The ZED sponsored team has seen countless wins over the years at all levels - with victory at the Koppenbergcross, a number of national championships, a podium at the worlds, UCI wins and domination of the UK leagues that they race in.


Our ultra light rims mean faster acceleration, faster climbing and agile handling - important in all disciplines - but even more so in cross!

But they're strong too - we've never had a damaged rim (in fact in all the years we've been sponsoring the team we've never had a wheel go out of true either!)


 The wide profile was designed especially to provide the perfect bed for tubular CX tyres.


Our straight pull hubs are both light and stiff.

Big bearings increase smoothness and durability compared to the smaller bearings used by competitors. 

But they're still standard sizes and easily available. 

Freehubs are available for Shimano/Sram 8,9,10,11, 12 speed and Sram XDR 12 speed (Contact us if you need Campagnolo - including N3W 13 speed Ekar)

The standard axle set up for these wheels is 100/12 front and 142/12 rear Thru Axle seeing as that's the most popular by far. But if you need something different, whether it's quick release, 15mm fronts or whatever, just get in touch and we'll help.

The standard set up is for Centerlock rotors - again it's by far the most popular, as well as the most flexible. If you want to fit 6 bolt rotors it's a simple case of using an adapter.


We use the excellent Pillar PSR X-TRA - a lightweight, triple butted, bladed spoke - reinforced for extra strength and durability right where it matters.

We've chosen to build them with Taper Groove Hex head nipples - self locking, allowing finer control than a square head nipple and providing extra spoke support over a standard nipple. Little things, but they all make a difference...


The rider weight limit on this wheel set is 110kg including the weight of luggage.

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Shimano/SRAM 8/9//10/11/12 Speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 Speed, SRAM XDR 12 Speed


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