HC 220 Tubular – Various Options from 735g


HC 220 -various options from 735g

Built to Order

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ZED HC 220 – the lightest wheels money can buy?

The HC 220 Range:

There are 6 models in the 2022 HC 220 range – with weights from just 735g.

(model shown Zed SL5 Hubs, Pillar Wing Spokes)

  • Extralite Hubs, Carbon/Titanium Spokes – 735g
  • Extralite Hubs, BERD String Spokes – 750g
  • Extralite Hubs, Pillar Wing Spokes – 835g
  • Zed SL5 Hubs, Carbon/Titanium Spokes – 815g
  • Zed SL5 Hubs, BERD String Spokes – 830g
  • Zed SL5 Hubs, Pillar Wing Spokes – 915g


Rims are our own HC 220 carbon tubular  rims –  weighing 220g each.

25mm deep, 24mm wide.

To the best of our knowledge these are the lightest rim brake rims that money can buy – now that AX Lightness have stopped production of their rim brake model to concentrate solely on rims for disc brake bikes.


There are 2 types of hub available – Extralite (makers of the lightest hubs in the world) and our own ZED SL5

SPOKES: There are 3 spoke options:

Carbon Titanium Spokes – to the best of our knowledge these are the lightest spokes in the world – even lighter than Berd string spokes!

BERD String Spokes – these were the lightest spokes available before the Carbon Titanium model came along. Still super light, they offer unique vibration absorption properties. This provides vastly increased comfort and excellent tracking and handling. On a steep hill it can also mean extra grip when other wheels are slipping.

Pillar Wing Spokes – lightweight triple butted steel spokes with an aerofoil profile. These are the most aerodynamic spokes available.

Weight Limit


Extralite, Carbon Titanium – 735g, Extralite, Berd String – 750g, Extralite, Wing – 835g, SL5, Carbon Titanium – 815g, SL5, Berd String – 830g, SL5, Wing – 915g


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