AERO ULTRA 50 1393g
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AERO ULTRA 50 1393g

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Brand new for the 2022 season, our Aero Ultra range combines our ultra light, aerodynamic rims with our new SP5 hubs for improved speed, stiffness and handling.

50 Deep, 27 Wide, 18 Internal



When it comes to saving weight on a set of wheels, the rims are the place to start - this is where you feel the greatest benefit in speed and handling. Our wheels are significantly lighter than those of our competitors. 

This is because our rims are amongst the lightest available - not only do lighter rims improve acceleration and climbing performance - they also improve the handling and overall agility of the bike - in fact they bring the ride to life!

The 27mm wide toroidal profile is designed to cut through the air and handle well in crosswinds - much better than a straight sided u-profile rim.


 Of course our rims are suitable for both tubeless tyres and clincher tyres with inner tubes – whichever you prefer. Although they're optimised for 25 and 28mm tyres you can happily go wider.


Our SP5 straight pull hubs are smooth, light and responsive.

The 2:1 lacing pattern at the rear equalises tension and increases lateral stiffness

The 6 pawl freehubs provide 7.5 degree rapid engagement. 

Freehubs are available for Shimano/Sram 8,9,10,11,12 speed, Campagnolo 9,10,11,12 speed and Sram XDR 12 speed.


We use the excellent Pillar PSR X-TRA - a lightweight, triple butted, bladed spoke - reinforced for extra strength and durability right where it matters.

We've chosen to build them with Taper Groove Hex head nipples - self locking, allowing finer control than a square head nipple and providing extra spoke support over a standard nipple. Little things, but they all make a difference...


The rider weight limit on this wheel set is 110kg including the weight of luggage.


Wheels are provided with tubeless rim tape fitted and carbon brake pads

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Shimano/SRAM 8/9//10/11/12 Speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 Speed, SRAM XDR 12 Speed


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