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Hill Climb

proud sponsors of last year's

National Hill Climb Championship

Winnats Pass 31st October 2021


We are pleased to offer some of the lightest wheels in the world. 

We've now added super light tubeless ready clincher options for added versatility.

Each model has 6 variations with different hubs and spokes so you can tailor them to your wishes.

Here’s a quick outline of the approach to choosing the spec for a set of hill climbing wheels (or any set of wheels that you want to be lively and accelerate and climb well)

Everyone's budget is different so you have to decide which components to spend your money on to get the most benefit for your money. That means working 'outside - in'.

We're aiming at reducing rotational weight as much as possible - so that means the order of priority is rims, then spokes, then hubs - as far as saving weight goes. The further away from the centre of the wheel the more difference it makes.

So rims first. Quick comparisons - AX Lightness rims - 195g each so 390g for the pair. ZED HC220 rims - 220g each so 440g for the pair. Hunt HC rims - 280g each so 560g for the pair. (same weight as ZED cyclocross rims 280g each so 560g for the pair)...

Then spokes come next - Carbon/Titanium, BERD 'string or steel. Carbon/Titanium are the lightest in the world although the Berd spokes have the added advantage of the vibration dampening - this also translates into better grip as it conforms to the road surface - at Winnats there were a few people with slipping rear wheels - reducing tyre pressures goes some way to alleviate this, and the added compliance of the spokes helps too.

For steel spokes we use Pillar Wing 20 - nice and light for a steel spoke. There are lighter steel spokes available - the Pillar Mega Lite for instance. But they don’t add up on a weight saved versus increased cost basis. Might as well go for carbon instead.

It's worth noting that we're not relying on low spoke counts to achieve low wheel weights. That means that the wheels are laterally stiff and they can be used for normal riding assuming the rider is within the weight limit for the wheels.

And finally the hubs. Saving weight in the centre of the wheel makes the least difference of all. If the budget allows then fair enough - we're all weight weenies after all, but it's effectively static weight so it's the last part of the equation. We offer 2 models - our own Zed branded hubs and Extralite - the lightest hubs in the world.

As you would probably expect, wheels are built to order. We don’t have the resources to hold large stocks of the rims - they’re a specialist item after all. So it’s best to get in touch before you need them - there were a lot of disappointed people wanting wheels a couple of weeks or so before the Nationals at Winnats…

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