Here are some of the wheels currently available – there are plenty more models that I haven’t had chance to add yet. Please bear with me – I’m working on it.

There are more carbon models – for both rim brake and disc brake, and aluminium models too. 

The pictures are a bit crappy – hung on the workshop wall and taken with my phone – but I’ll get some nice ones eventually!

Anyway, if you don’t see the sort of thing you’re looking for, or have any questions at all – just ask!

Thanks, Lee


I haven’t had chance to add all of the wheels as proper ‘products’ – but it’s something I’m working on in between building wheels, shipping wheels, answering questions walking the dogs…

I’ve listed some bare bones details below, and added product listings for others. I’ll be adding brief descriptions below asap but in the meantime please feel free to ask any questions.

There’s FREE SHIPPING and a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on all wheels. 

Wheels are supplied with rim tape, skewers, brake pads where applicable, and care instructions .

I’m also happy to provide TUBELESS TYRE FITTING if required. 

I haven’t had chance to list any aluminium wheel models but there are a number available, rim brake and disc brake.

Thanks, Lee

Rim Brake Wheels

Sport – was 749, now 549   

38mm 1579g, 50mm 1634g

Race – was 849, now 599

38mm  1443g, 50mm 1522g


Elite – was 1099, now 799

30mm 1411g, 38mm 1477g, 50mm 1497g, 60mm 1675g

Ultra – was 1399, now 949 

30mm 1354g, 38mm N/A , 50mm 1466g, 60mm 1569g

Extralite – was 1399, now 949

30mm 1296g, 38mm 1337g, 50mm 1424g, 60mm 1521g

Durasport Elite 4 Seasons – Heavy Duty – was 899, now 699 

38mm 1762g, 50mm 185


Disc Brake Wheels

Sport Disc 4 Seasons – was 749, now 549

38mm 1795g, 50mm 1892g

Elite Classic 4 Seasons Disc – was 899, now 699

38mm 1594g, 50mm 1679g

Elite Race Disc – was 999, now 799

Weights TBA 

Extralite Race Disc – was 1199, now 949

Weights TBA

DXL Ultra Disc – was 1399, now 949 

30mm 1399g, 38mm 1482g, 50mm 1534g 

Durasport Elite 4 Seasons Disc – HEAVY DUTY – was 899, now 699

Weights TBA

Also Available:

There are many other options available – cyclocross wheels, wide gravel wheels, heavy duty wheels (over and above those listed) and so on. Just ask.


Wheels in Stock (more to be added...)

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